Adult Volunteer Development

You don’t need any formal qualifications to join us as an Adult volunteer, but you could leave with plenty! It’s essential that our volunteers are equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to fulfil their wide range of duties; so we provide plenty of exciting courses that you can sign up for, whether you are a civilian instructor (CI) or a uniformed member of staff.

There’s a range of NVQ’s, leadership and outdoor training courses you can apply for, even as a CI; and if you become one of our uniformed staff your options get even wider!

As a sergeant or officer for the RAF Air Cadets you can also claim up to 28 days’ volunteer allowance per year and work your way up through the ranks in a similar manner to the RAF. You’ll also benefit from an exclusive selection of specialised training courses.

Most uniformed staff training takes place at our Adult Training Facility (ATF), located at Headquarters Air Cadets (HQAC) at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire.